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Gabriel Landeskog ALSO pens article for World Cup

The Colorado Avalanche forward captain puts pen to paper in anticipation for this month’s big event.

Harry How/Getty Images

Matt Duchene Gabriel Landeskog is nothing short of extraordinary awesome on hockey skates,; blazing barreling past the competition of breakaways, cutting powering through traffic toward the net, and snapping wristshots that confuse goalies. But did you know he can whip up multiple articles for the World Cup of Hockey’s website?

Geez, Matt Gabe. You don’t have to be super badass at everything.

In his FIRST post, Landeskog discussed the challenges associated with preparing for such a short-duration tournament:

This tournament has been something we've all been preparing for all summer at our own pace. For me, though, knowing that this was going to come at us pretty quickly here I've been mentally trying to get more focused every time I'm on the ice and I've been trying to think about hockey a lot more when I'm off the ice as well.

He’s also very complimentary of Team Sweden’s team-building suits:

That's right, we're all going to look the same going to games and going on flights because we'll all be wearing the same suit. It's a thing Team Sweden has done in the past as well. It's a show of team unity, which I'm all for. I like it.

In his 2nd installment, he discussed how the Swedish team plans to operate:

We want play fast, control the play, control the puck. Our 'D's are extremely skilled and skate extremely well. We want to get those guys involved as much as possible. I think we have a good group and we're having a lot of fun together, as always.

The second installment has a nice video with some attractive men in it.

In article THREE (lazy Duchene), Landeskog regales us with some information regarding a friendly match with the Finnish squad:

It's Team Sweden vs. Team Finland. There is pride on the line here. Both teams want to test their systems out, work out some kinks, do all the little things to prepare, but make no mistake, both teams also want to win.

Read the rest all of the articles starting here, and make sure to catch future installments from Duchene Landeskog at