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MHH Ultimate Uniform Rankings: #10-1

Welcome to the scientifically tested and proven official ranking of every uniform currently being worn in the NHL on a regular basis. This segment will look at the very best uniforms in the sport.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go! Ten best looks in hockey. No questions asked. If you disagree, you're wrong! Have a problem with it? I don't care!

#10: Chicago Blackhawks' home jersey:

Just a dope sweater. The logo is perfect and not racist. If you think it's racist and you're offended, consider it a compliment this beautiful patchwork is associated with you. Love the shoulder patch logo and the black and white stripes are sweetness.

#9: Edmonton Oilers' alternate jersey:

Should be the Oilers' primary look. I dig it in the greatest of ways. A main feature of orange with a side of blue, as the Denver Broncos have always demonstrated, is a great look. Nothing against the blue sweaters, which are nice, but these are just better.

#8: Los Angeles Kings' alternate jersey:

GORGEOUS! Dark gray and black is such a badass look. As discussed previously, the Kings need purple in their uniforms. If they put purple in here somehow and made it look good I'd get erect.

#7: Carolina Hurricanes' alternate jersey:

I have no idea what that logo is. All I know is I like it. Coupled with the red and the 60s retro blocks, yum. They're so much better and unique than the red sweaters it's not even funny. I'd love for the Hurricanes to rebrand themselves around this look.

#6: Philadelphia Flyers' home jersey:

I don't really need to say anything here other than it's iconic and probably what Jesus wears on a night out in the clubs.

#5: Arizona Coyotes' alternate jersey:

This should generate some chatter. Many people hate these and want them distributed to the less fortunate so they have some nice warm clothing. I don't feel that way. These are amazing. That coyote is incredible. The sandy/burgundy pattern is mesmerizing. The logo on the shoulder patch is b.a. It should be a national holiday when Arizona brings these out.

#4: New York Rangers' home jersey:

Lit. Everything about these is simply lit af.

#3: Toronto Maple Leafs' home jersey:

Something about that blue is just sexy. So many variations of blue, all of them magnificent. My favorite part about these is the socks. Not sure what it is, but that blue and white could be dropped in my Christmas stocking next year and I'd never take them off. Never. Not even if I'm going swimming in the Caribbean.

#2: Boston Bruins' home jersey:

Hate the Bruins but Lord help me if I don't get mesmerized by that black and yellow. It'd be the best uniform in hockey if not for their bitter rivals from the province of Quebec.

#1: Montreal Canadiens' home jersey:

As if there was ever a doubt. You can hate Montreal with all your heart, but should never ever disagree with the sentiment this is maybe the best jersey in sports. That will never change. I don't care what anyone ever comes out with in what sport. It's a simple design, but ever so legendary. The blue helmets? Dope. The socks? Awesome. The shorts? Gnarly. Whole thing? Perfect. Every bit of it is straight out of the richest part of Heaven.