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Sunday Open Thread: Oh Crap, We’re only Halfway Through the Season?

NHL: Nashville Predators at Colorado Avalanche Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Avs finished off the first half of the season yesterday afternoon by blowing a 3rd period lead against a very depleted Predators squad. Savvy fans have noticed an uptick in play and even promising statistical signs lately but not enough to win a game yet obviously. The first domino in the anticipated fire sale fell Friday when Cody McLeod was shipped to the aforementioned Preds for a depth prospect. Once the NHL orgs finish up their Winter meetings and solidify their plans & needs we’ll see some more movement.

Record: 13-27-1, 27 points

Goals for: 82 (2.00/gm)
Goals against: 137 (3.34/gm)

CF% (5v5 SVA): 44.8, 30th in NHL
xGF% (5v5 SVA): 41.56, 30th in NHL
PDO: 970, 30th in NHL

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Oddly enough the beloved Rampage also hit the halfway mark last night with an OT loss to the Iowa Wild. While the roster has improved their record really hasn’t this year, and that’s somewhat ok. The Avs are playing catchup at the AHL level as well as at the NHL level. Some of the veteran additions have worked, some haven’t. The key to success there is not only talent on the roster but consistency on the roster. Like at any level, guys that have played with each other for a while are going to play better than guys that have never met. This year is the first step in that process, developing a vet/older prospect core pays off down the road.

Record: 16-19-3

Goals for: 93 (2.45/gm), 28th in AHL
Goals against: 111 (2.92/gm), 18th in AHL

Shots for: 27.87/gm, 27th in AHL
Shots against: 29.39/gm, 15th in AHL
Shots for percentage: 48.7%

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Our good friend Micah McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath) has the Avs finishing dead last in the league with around 69 points, even tho’ they only have 27 points at the halfway point. Where do you see them finishing, Dear Reader? Is 69 points too high? Is 54 points too low?

Besides largesse from the trades we are all salivating over, what changes in the Avs play do you see in the 2nd half?

Will the team reach a tipping point where enough players grasp Jared Bednar’s system and can execute it to make a difference?

Will Varly and Calvin remember how to play goalie again? Will one of them finally snap and take out one of their teammates with violent hatchet chops to the face?