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The GCG Line Continues to Light it up for the Rampage

Greer-Compher-Grimaldi continue to light up the lamp for the San Antonio Rampage; thoughts on who should take up McLeod’s spot

GCG line killing it for the Rampage; Greer should moved up to the Avs
Colorado Avalanche

As of late, the talk around the league of the AHL is the line comprised of A.J. Greer, J.T. Compher, and Ricco Grimaldi of the San Antonio Rampage.

A.J. Greer is leading the San Antonio Rampage in points with 28 points ( 11 goals, 17 assists), Rocco Grimaldi is not far behind Greer as he has accumulated 27 points (11 goals, 16 assists) for the Rampage. Last but certainly not least is J.T. Compher, who has contributed 19 points (10 goals, 9 assists) for the Rampage.

If you have not been paying attention to the San Antonio Rampage this season, I highly recommend liking their Facebook page just to see the highlights of this line.

Now that Cody McLeod has been traded to the Nashville Predators, opening up a spot for the Colorado Avalanche, that brings me to my next point. Earlier in the season we were able to see what Greer could contribute towards the team. He adds grit, and a lot of skill. This is why I feel like he would be the perfect replacement for the vacant spot alongside Mikhail Grigorenko and Andreas Martinsen.

Compared to Cody McLeod, A.J. Greer would bring the same type of gritty play, but would also be able to support the line with more offensive prowess. Earlier in the season when Greer played a few games with the Avalanche, he struggled by only contributing one assist in five games with the club before being sent down to the Rampage. However, one thing that many fans noticed with him is his aggressive, and fearless style of play.

If you disagree, let us know who you think would be a good replacement for McLeod’s spot on the Avalanche roster. Whether that be a current Avs roster player who has been a healthy scratch for a few games, or someone to else besides Greer to bring up to the “big club”.