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Matt Garbowsky Named MVP of 2017 ECHL All-Star Game

Garbowsky would record 2 goals, 2 assists to claim the MVP reward in the 2017 ECHL All-Star game

Standout Imagery

The ECHL All-Star game has come and gone, and the most-valuable player was none other than Colorado Eagles forward, Matt Garbowsky. Garbowsky would register 2 goals, and 2 assists in a game where the ECHL All-Stars would edge out the Adirondack Thunder with a final score of 8-7.

The ECHL All-Stars would take the quick 4-1 lead at the end of the first period, with Garbowsky notching the assist on the first goal for the All-Stars, and then notching the second goal to extend the All-Stars lead. Garbowsky would not be done there as he would register his second assist of the night at the end of the first period.

The Thunder would edge out the All-Stars in the second period, outscoring them 2-1 to cut the deficit to one at the end of the middle frame.

Things would open up in the third period, as we would see seven total goals. This is where Garbowsky would notch his second of the night, and the All-Stars would edge out the Thunder 8-7.