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Sunday Open Thread: All-Star Weekend

Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Good morning all. Not much going on in the pro hockey world this weekend, the beloved Avs are off until practice Monday afternoon and the Rampage are done until Wednesday.

- The NHL Skills Comp was last night and Mack was a participant. The game itself is tonight on one of the NBC networks.

- The AHL Skills Comp is tonight with the game tomorrow from beautiful Allentown PA. AJ Greer will rep the Rampage and the Avs org. The festivities will be on Altitude and other regional sports networks or you can stream it for free from AHL Live.

- Nobody that we know of on the Avs has been traded this weekend, but not for lack of effort on Joe Sakic’s part I’m sure.

The weather is supposed to be relatively nice over the continental US today so get out and enjoy. The Avs play damn near every other day until April.