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Metropolitan Team Wins All-Star Game; MacKinnon Endures Another Blowout Loss

First two games? Zzzzzzzz. Last game? !!!!!!!!

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Central vs. Pacific

Even when away from his mediocre teammates in Colorado, Nathan MacKinnon still had to endure a blowout loss. At least he's used to it. The home Pacific team walloped the Central 10-3 in a snoozefest.

Goal scorers:

Pacific- Fowler from Gaudreau and Horvat.

Pacific- Carter from Doughty

Central- Toews (unassisted)

Pacific- McDavid from Kesler

Pacific- Burns from McDavid

Pacific- Pavelski from Carter and Doughty

Central- Tarasenko from Seguin

Pacific- Kesler from Burns and McDavid

Pacific- Horvat from Fowler

Pacific- Gaudreau from Fowler and Jones

Atlantic vs. Metropolitan

A closer game than that of the first, but still a fairly decisive win without any late drama. The Metropolitan division topped the Atlantic 10-6 and earned the right to play the Pacific in the championship (?) game.

Goal scorers:

Metropolitan: Simmonds (unassisted)

Atlantic: Kucherov from Trocheck and Hedman

Metropolitan: Simmonds (unassisted)

Atlantic: Hedman from Kucherov and Trocheck

Atlantic: Karlsson from Okposo

Metropolitan: Tavares from Atkinson

Atlantic: Matthews from Marchand and Weber

Metropolitan: Tavares from Atkinson and Faulk

Metropolitan: Jones (unassisted)

Metropolitan: Hall (unassisted)

Metropolitan vs. Pacific:

This was actually a very exciting contest. Unlike the first two games which were pretty unexciting, slow, and lacked much skill, that turned around in the final contest. Players were skating hard, blocking shots, playing defense (huge deal in any all-star game), and wanted to win. Thankfully, this maintains the opinion most of us held after last year that this format is successful and should be used going forward. The first two games were putting that in jeopardy, but the quality of this third game keeps it confirmed this is how the NHL should do the all-star game forever.

Goal scorers:

Pacific: Pavelski from Doughty and Carter

Metropolitan: Jones from Hall and Faulk

Metropolitan: Faulk from Tavares

Pacific: McDavid from Kesler

Pacific: Horvat from Gaudreau

Metropolitan: Atkinson (unassisted)

Metropolitan: Simmonds from Hall

3 Guys Who Were Good:

3: Cam Atkinson: The Blue Jackets' star forward tied his teammate for the night Wayne Simmonds on most goals for the evening with three. Atkinson doesn't get a lot of attention from the national media because he plays in Columbus, but he displayed some talent tonight that's worthy of high praise.

2: Wayne Simmonds: Above Atkinson for no reason other than the fact he got the game-winner. Good night for the Flyers' star.

1: Braden Holtby: Holtby looked like the best player on the ice. As good as the goaltenders from the Metro and Pacific all were, he was the best. So while Bob, Martin Jones, and Mike Smith all get honorable mentions, tip of the hat to Capitals' goaltender Braden Holtby on being my MVP for the 2017 All-Star game.