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Sunday Open Thread: Bye Week or Bye-Bye Week?

2016 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

The Avs are gone until Wednesday at 4pm so between now and then there’s little to do but grouse about the team’s shortcomings and speculate as to what might happen to the roster before they retake the ice.

Rumors abound, anything from Joe Sakic writing an open letter to the league offering the Avs top players for auction to the “possibility” that someone might be moved if it improves the club. Avs scouts at opponents’ games are being heavily monitored and every city with an NHL team has a beat writer that has heard names thrown around.

Best place to start is with Terry Frei’s recap of the Islanders which includes an interview with Sakic. This is the only real public comment so far.

From there we move to believable rumors that at least two clubs and possibly more have made offers to acquire captain Gabe Landeskog.

After that it gets murky. Matt Duchene’s name has come up quite a bit as well in the not-as-believable rumor department. I watched HNIC last night and Elliotte Friedman and Kelly Hrudey seemed to have something they wanted to discuss about the Avs but the segment ran out of time. They left it that they would put it in next week so it wasn’t anything substantial or imminent.

I guess we should be prepared for a downer some time in the next few days. I hope not, or if someone does leave us I hope we are positive about what it changes.