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The Colorado Avalanche allow a superfan to cross something off his bucket list

An Avalanche season ticket holder helps us remember how much fun being a hockey fan can be.

Sometimes being a sports fan can be painful - especially if you’re a Colorado Avalanche fan these past few years. But sometimes being a sports fan is nothing more than pure unadulterated fun.

It’s easy to forget a lot of the time. Then there are those experiences that help remind us of why we are a hockey fan in the first place - whether it’s meeting your favorite player, getting to skate on an NHL ice, or even just seeing your favorite team live for the first time.

Last week, long-time Avs fan and season ticket holder Grant Beery and his season ticket partner Michelle (@shellieshel) were selected to ride the Zamboni at the Pepsi Center before the Avalanche/Blues game. As you can tell from the look on Grant’s face in the picture below, it was nothing but joy.

We asked Grant about his experience and what it meant to him as a long time Avalanche fan to get to see The Can from that perspective.

MHH: How long have you been an Avalanche season ticket holder?

Grant: This is my third season.

MHH: How did it feel being on that Zamboni during the intermission of an NHL game?

Grant: Being on the Zamboni was pretty amazing. It's a view of the arena you really can only experience that way. I immediately had all those memories of first seeing a Zamboni so I felt like a little kid.

MHH: How did you get the opportunity?

Grant: I got the opportunity through my season ticket rep after someone canceled, so me and my season ticket partner Michelle got the call-up.

MHH: You mentioned that it was something to check off your bucket list, are there any other Avs or hockey-related things that you have already got to live out from the list?

Grant: An Avs related bucket list should include seeing the Cup, watching the team on the road, and skating on the ice at the Can.

MHH: What else would you put on your Avalanche-related bucket list?

Grant: I have two immediate bucket list items that come to mind that I haven't done is meet my favorite player, Patrick Roy, and sit on the glass at a game. One may be a bit easier than the other.

It’s really easy to lose track of what being a sports fan is all about. Sports are supposed to be fun. For most of us, they’re an escape, a way to enjoy your favorite team with family and friends - maybe the even help you feel like a kid again for a few hours a week. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of why we all love hockey in the first place. Stories like Grant’s help us to remember that.