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All the small things: Who’s doing them right for the Colorado Avalanche?

A look at who has been preforming in some key categories for the Avalanche

Boston Bruins v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

It’s easy enough to look up at report some of the basic stats that define how well players are performing for the Colorado Avalanche. Actually, it's pretty easy to find even advanced stats now too, so I went ahead and compiled some top-performers lists for a few lesser-discussed contributions that are helping the team so far:

Penalties drawn:

T1. Erik Johnson (5)

T1. Mikko Rantanen (5)

T1. Nail Yakupov (5)

Not only are these three leading the team in penalties drawn, but all three have taken few enough penalties themselves to remain positive-differential. Stick tap for moving their feet.

Powerplay shooting %:

1. Nathan MacKinnon (29%)

2. Sven Andrighetto (25%)

3. Alex Kerfoot (20%)

These guys do their job when given the opportunity on the man-advantage. No big surprises here, all three names have been doing well all season long.

Penalty-kill faceoff %:

1. Blake Comeau (50%)

2. JT Compher (46%)

3. Nathan MacKinnon (45%)

This is another important unheralded stat that might get talked about more if anyone on the team could do better than break-even.

Points when trailing:

T1. Matt Duchene (2)

T1. Alex Kerfoot (2)

T1. Tyson Barrie (2)

T1. Colin Wilson (2)

These guys have produced when the team needed them most. That being said, the total of two points is not good compared to other teams, even ones with less total time spent trailing.

Primary Assists:

1. Matt Duchene (4)

2. Tyson Barrie (3)

T3. Landeskog, Johnson, MacKinnon, Rantanen (2)

Second assists can be achieved with little actual effect on the play, but first assists are almost always the result of a good play or a smart shot. No surprise that almost all of the team’s most dynamic players appear on the list.

Even-strength rebounds created:

1. Carl Soderberg (4)

T2. Gabe Landeskog (3)

T2. Tyson Barrie (3)

It’s one thing to place a shot well on the powerplay when you have that extra second, but creating second-chances at even strength takes hockey IQ. Landy and Barrie might’ve been expected, but Soderberg producing these so well surprised me. He has passed the eye test with flying colors in lots of games so far, maybe this creation of extra chances around him is helping that visual assessment out.

High-Danger Corsi:

1. Alex Kerfoot (69%)

2. Matt Duchene (57%)

3. Nail Yakupov (55%)

4. Mikko Rantanen (54%)

5. Tyson Jost (54%)

Counting only shot attempts for and against that are classified as “high-danger”, these guys are making the big plays. Most names are producing well and aren’t a surprise, but I had to stretch to a top-five here so throw some praise onto Tyson Jost who hasn’t rocked the scoresheet but is making an impact on the game.

Thank you to for the wonderful collection of data for me to sort through to find weird and interesting statistics.