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Morning Flurries: NHL season starts today

Not the important part though, that’s tomorrow.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning Avalanche fans!

The NHL season kicks off today, but the Avs don’t play until tomorrow. There’s some great appetizer games before the main course arrives so dive in and let’s start hockeying!

Colorado Avalanche News

The Avs claimed Patrik Nemeth off waivers, how does it look from the losing side? [Defending Big D]

What to expect from the Avalanche this year. [Denver Post]

Goals for the Avs core for 2017-18 [Mile High Sticking]

NHL News

Jack Eichel signed an $80million contract with the Buffalo Sabres. [Die By the Blade]

The SB Nation season preview is here! [SBNation Dot Com]

The Toronto Maple Leafs have terrible nicknames [PPP}

Enjoy hockey day everyone!