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Morning Flurries: Game 2 in Sweden, the Hall of Fame and welcome baby Chu-Ouellette

The Colorado Avalanche drop their first game of the Sweden trip, but have a chance at redemption today

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Colorado Avalanche Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

So close!

The Colorado Avalanche fought back after kicking off their first period of their first game in Sweden down 2-1, battling to tie things up in the final frame of regulation and forcing overtime against the Ottawa Senators (who are now 100% more Matt Duchene than Colorado).

They walked away with a 4-3 loss, but have a chance to even the score on Saturday.

More on their first game here [Mile High Hockey]

It’s awesome to see, by the way, that the team is already embracing the addition of Samuel Girard:

While we’ve given you our perspective on the loss, here’s a look at how viewed the final outcome. [NHL]

Meanwhile, back in the North America

Some exciting news from the world of women’s hockey!

Former Canadian National Team captain Carolina Ouellette and former US National Team captain Julie Chu - arguably some of the best hockey players to grace North American ice during our lifetimes - welcomed a new baby girl into their family this week.

Ouellette started the 2017-18 CWHL season on leave from the Les Canadiennes, which it has now become abundantly clear was due to her pregnancy.

Liv Chu-Ouellette is perfect, and the hockey world couldn’t be happier for the new parents. Here’s hoping she got all her mothers’ hockey gifts, and then some. [The Ice Garden]

(Here is baby Liv, by the way. Perfect, no?)

In the NHL:

Let's check in on Ben Bishop and the Dallas Stars. Some call this a highlight reel save - others, to borrow a term used fondly by PK Subban back in the day, are jealous that Bishop seems to permanently have a horseshoe shoved so far up his butt that he can’t help but make saves (no matter how badly he bungles it).

You be the judge:

Also, SB Nation’s Tampa Bay Lightning, blog, Raw Charge, were at the HHOF induction and had some great tweets to share: