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Morning Flurries: peewee hockey and charity fun

The Avalanche spent their day off helping some children have a positive experience on the ice.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche continue to boast one of the most erratic schedules in the NHL.

After a five-day break to head to Sweden at the start of November, the Avs played a back-to-back series against the Ottawa Senators overseas, then took another week off to head back home.

From there, they played three games in four days, including yet another weekend back-to-back; now, they’re coming off a two-day rest period before yet another weekend back-to-back.

While it’s been plenty inconsistent for the team, though, they’ve been using their days off for some good:

The Denver Children’s Home serves as more than just a filming location for American Horror Story.

The almost 150-year-old organization offers full residence and schooling for children who are survivors of trauma and neglect, offering everything from mental health services to second chances at education.

On Tuesday, they partnered up with the Avalanche to provide the residents a chance to get out on the ice, playing some shinny with a handful of the players.

That wasn’t the only team-sanctioned event on Tuesday, either:

That’s right. Who doesn’t love some PeeWee hockey?

Outside of Colorado, the team’s prospects have been having themselves a pretty great week. Catch up with the Avalanche’s up-and-comers in this weeks’ prospect report. [Mile High Hockey]

Speaking of prospects... on a 17-game winning streak, this 14-year-old goaltender may be the next big thing. To make it all the more impressive, he’s doing so well playing with a prosthetic leg, following in a line of disabled stand-up goaltenders around North America. [Ottawa Sun]

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Finally, it looks like Erik Karlsson is really branching out this year: