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Morning Flurries: Turkey hangovers

A day with no hockey is a horrible day... unless there’s lots of turkey involved.

News: Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving!

While many states have converted Columbus Day into Indigenous People’s Day, Thanksgiving remains on the books all around America - much to the chagrin of those who hate family gatherings and the delight of everyone who loves to stuff their faces.

There was no hockey on Thursday; just a single trade by the Montreal Canadiens, showing they’re already a seller’s market.

Since no one cares to read about that, here’s a list of things we’re thankful for at Mile High Hockey. Happy reading!

We’re thankful for: teddy bear toss days for the San Antonio Rampage.

The Rampage announced on Thursday that they’ll hold their 13th annual teddy bear toss game this year, collecting bears for advocates of abused and neglected children. As one of hockey’s most popular minor league events, it’s awesome to see that San Antonio has theirs coming up in just a few weeks.

We’re thankful for: Semyon Varlamov practicing

Bad news struck this past week, when Semyon Varlamov missed practice (and then a game) with an illness. The bad news is that he’s still out for the next game in Minnesota, but at the very least he’s back on the ice - hopefully, he’ll be good as new in no time.

We’re thankful for: Gabriel Landeskog’s birthday.

Self-explanatory, really: