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Morning Flurries: Colorado Avalanche continue to roll and we find out what America’s favorite candy is

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Another game down for the Colorado Avalanche - and yes, it was yet another win.

At this point last year, it was already starting to look like a losing season; by November 1st, the team had lost their winning record, and they would fall to a losing record of 4-5-0 by November 3rd. The team wouldn’t break even in wins and losses again for the rest of the year.

This certainly wasn’t Colorado’s prettiest win of the year, as the game looked even until about midway through the second period and Semyon Varlamov made a stupid 57 saves - but with a 5-3 final decision, it was certainly nice to walk away from as the team’s seventh win of the year.

Seriously; for perspective, Colorado didn’t win their seventh game of the year last season until November 15th.

Read all about the team’s matchup against Cam Ward and the Carolina Hurricanes here [Mile High Hockey]

He may have won two Stanley Cups already, but Conor Sheary has been living with the hockey world butchering his name the entire time. [Pensburgh]

It was pretty cool to see Varlamov having such a great night on the ice, but the team’s Emergency Backup Goaltender, Justin Goldman of the Goalie Guild, had himself a pretty great night too:

Have any guesses what your state’s favorite Halloween candy was this year? Interesting (if largely useless) look at what Americans bought to rot children’s teeth this year [Business Insider]

Finally, our feel-good moment of the week: this photo, taken by Steve Gonzales of the Houston Chronicle, shows just how special the Astros winning the World Series was to a city still living in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey:

(And yes, that couple is living in a house with no drywall. They join an estimated 175,000 families across Southeastern Coastal Texas that either sustained damage or complete destruction of their homes late this August.)