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Morning Flurries: Sweden did what with those goalie pads?

A Swedish hockey team has decided goalie pads are the perfect canvas for... shampoo ads?

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, Avalanche fans!

The team is just days away from their first of a two-game series against the Ottawa Senators, played over in the delightfully Scandinavian Sweden.

As the week rolls on, we’ll continue only providing you hockey news pertaining to either the Avalanche or Sweden - which we thought would be difficult, but Sweden has been making all too easy.

For example: did you know that some Swedish goalies are wearing pads with shampoo bottles printed on them?

Yes. This is a real thing. Since a handful of goalie pad companies have started pioneering the screen-print design technology for gear designs, it appears that teams have taken advantage and tried to pull in some extra advertising dollars by emblazoning hair care products on the save equipment.

Is it ugly? Very much so. Can you tell what it is from more than 10 feet away anyway, rendering it essentially useless? Not at all. Are we all talking about it like crazy, meaning that maaaaybe it’s working? We’ll leave that up to you guys. [Yahoo! Sports]

Meanwhile, SB Nation’s Patrik Bexell has offered up another excellent Swedish interview for your reading pleasure - this time with Montreal Canadiens prospect Lukas Vejdemo, who is currently skating with the SHL’s Djurgarden. [Habs Eye On The Prize]

What’s more Swedish than the Swedish Foppa helping the Avalanche meet with Swedish cancer patients in Sweden? Answer: nothing.

Want to know more about the Globe, where the Avalanche will be playing soon? Check out our write-up on the arena. [Mile High Hockey]

There’s no Avalanche hockey on right now, but there’s some excellent women’s hockey being played! Check out this preview of Team Sweden for the Four Nation’s Cup this week [The Ice Garden]

Finally, let’s talk about the team’s prospects during the slow week. There are a few major injuries, but don’t let that stop you from checking up on their progress... [MHH]