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Morning Flurries: The good and the bad keep rolling in

The Avalanche take home another loss, but see an individual effort rewarded ahead of time

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NHL: New Jersey Devils at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Avalanche have taken home another loss on the season.

At this point last year, that was almost a given; the team was fast approaching the midway point in the worst season the NHL had seen in years, and losses were more common than Alex Ovechkin power-play goals.

This year, the good news is that the losses aren’t blowouts, and they certainly aren’t coming every night - so while they might sting a little more, that’s just because the team isn’t numb to the pain.

Sure enough, the team opened up December with another close call - this time against Will Butcher (who?) and the New Jersey Devils. [Mile High Hockey]

For some good news, though, Nathan MacKinnon became the first Avalanche forward to earn First Star of the Month for the NHL! He took home the honors for the month of November. [MHH]

The Chicago Blackhawks are dealing with some serious problems right now. The club, who have struggled on defense this season, just lost starting goaltender Corey Crawford to the team’s IR list. No word yet on how long he’s out. [The Athletic]

Finally, I wanted to address a few comments I’ve seen recently regarding the site without a handful of former readers.

The complaints in the comment section that the site has ‘been murdered’ are a bit ironic, given that SB Nation is a predominantly volunteer-driven entity and the site is rebuilding under new oversight.

Most of the writers (myself included) are tagged in articles they’ve written on Twitter, and are fairly easy to access there. If there’s content you’re missing - and not just the popcorn drama of the comment section - reach out and let one of the writers know. The site can’t get where you want it to be if complaints aren’t followed up with specific requests for desired content. With a few new additions on the staff in the last few weeks alone, there’s more manpower to go around and post what the people want; if the complaints being made have a concrete resolution (and aren’t just the aftershocks of a former regime complaining about the ‘good old days’), the site will do its best to make that a reality.