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Morning Flurries: Australian Avalanche fans and a Subban Showdown

Some Avalanche fans from down under shared their stories of fandom, and the iconic Subban family faced off

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Minnesota Wild Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best things about the hockey community is the growing diversity it’s experienced over the last generation.

It went from being a predominantly-white, middle-class sport in North America and Europe to a worldwide phenomenon, garnering fans and new teams across the globe in virtually every climate.

With the NHL still serving as the best league in the world, that’s meant some incredibly fun stories of international fans latching on to teams - including the group of Australian Avalanche fans that shared their awesome stories with Mile High Hockey on Friday. They explained how they got into the game, what made them pick the Avs, and everything in between. [Mile High Hockey]

Speaking of diversity in hockey, the Subban family has been making waves over the last few years with their incredibly talented trio of hockey-playing sons.

First, PK made an impression on the league with his heart of gold and flashy style from the blue line.

Now, middle brother Malcolm is a star in net for the Vegas Golden Knights - and their parents got to witness something rare and special on Friday when the brothers faced off for the first time in the NHL:

They’re one of a rare group of brothers in the NHL, getting to face off where one is in net. They aren’t quite as unique as the Dryden brothers - who stood across the ice from each other as goalie vs. goalie - but for their family, it was an incredibly special and long-awaited moment.

In Carolina, it looks like a new ownership group is stepping in. Learn more about how that’s going to shake out in the coming weeks. [Canes Country]

Finally, it’s time for The Bachelor!

If you’ve never watched the Bachelor, you’re missing out in the sense that you haven’t quite experienced the highest levels of American crazy yet (with some Canadian crazy scattered in, because why the heck not).

The cast of this season’s contestants was released recently, and it’s... well, we all need to root for Kendall now:

For the full cast (including a woman whose ‘favorite food is kissing. lol.’), check it out here. [ABC]