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GDT: Avalanche at Kings 2/1/17 - Game #48

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Your Colorado Avalanche take on the Kings of Los Angeles tonight in BroCal. Gamer time is 10:30pm ET, 8:30pm in the mountains and will be broadcast on NBCSN with Moser’s radio call available as usual.

A new month and a fresh new outlook for the struggling Avalanche. Well, a new month anyway. Regarless, they’re back at it again tonight vs a slow team that they might actually have a shot against. Toots missed last night’s game with a groin issue and Johnny Malkin was scratched, we’ll see what the staff gins up tonight.

Projectile Lineup

Grigo - Mack - Mikko
Landy - Dutch - Nieto
Rennie - Big Carl - Comeau
Bad Andy - Colby - Iggy

Beach - Barrie
Big Z - Goldbeef
Gelly - Weircioch


Scratched: Malkin (nacho), Toots (groin), Varly (hip surgery)
Injured: EJ (broken leg)

Next game will be Saturday afternoon vs the Jets

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We continue the “82 songs the Avs might have considered instead of Delirious” feature today with “Bleeder” by Nothingface. Enjoy.