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Open Thread: Tell Us About Your Favorite Game You've Attended

Enlighten us about your favorite hockey game experience.

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I hate to rip off Purple Row here, but during my daily Twitter scroll this morning, I saw they had put up a thread asking members to talk about their favorite baseball game they attended. As a mixed sign of respect and jealousy, I decided to take that idea, skew it to the sport on ice, and ask this community about what your favorite hockey game you attended was, and why?

This can be an Avalanche game, a DU game, a CC game, no criteria. Just tell us about your favorite game you attended and why you cherish it so much.

To lead it off, I'll explain to the masses what mine is.

April 28th, 2004. It was Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinal between the Avalanche and the San Jose Sharks. Colorado trailed the series 3-0 going in. I don't remember how my dad got tickets, but nonetheless we attended and got seats on the right corner of the side Colorado shoots at twice. I wanna say this was the third Avalanche I'd ever attended, but first playoff game. At this point of my life, I was a solid 8, in 2nd grade, and liked hockey but didn't love it. This game made me fall in love.

Being apart of the playoff atmosphere at The Can was numbing for my elementary school body, and the game was as intense as they come by. It went to overtime tied at 0-0. I remember both teams had great opportunities to score, but David Aebischer and Evgeni Nabokov were on another freaking level that night. 5 minutes into overtime, my childhood hero and Avs savior Joe Sakic ripped a shot past Nabokov, and the Avalanche extended the series for another day. The goal horn, the reaction of the fans, being there with my dad, it was a lot to take in.

My favorite moment happened after the game though. With it being an overtime game, everyone left at the same time, so during the lengthy wait while everyone filed out of Pepsi Center, I remember being on the elevator and a "Super Joe" chant started ringing around the concourse. I got in on it, fell in love with hockey, and the Avalanche became a part of my life as a result.

Colorado won one more game in the series before being eliminated in Game 6. Not important though. I became fully immersed as an Avaholic that night. It's one of my favorite childhood memories and the standard at which I measure all hockey games I attend now.

Your turn! Tell us what game is special for you.