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Rangers Beat Avs 4-2; Still Haven't Won Stanley Cup since 1994

Nick Holden did not score tonight.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period: Kevin Klein scored just his second goal of the season to put the Rangers on the board first. A very Avalanche thing to do, you know, let a guy score his 2nd goal through more than half the season. Late in the period Gabe Landeskog decided to tie it at 1 because he's the captain and will undoubtedly retire with the Avalanche because why would he ever get traded has he been brought up in trade conversations no then okay he must not have any rumor mills surrounding him next period.

2nd Period: Something even more rare than the Avalanche winning a game occurred tonight when much forgotten center John Mitchell scored his second goal of the year. TRADE HIM NOW, JOE.

3rd Period: Oh for God's sake Kevin Klein scored his third goal of the year. What the hell guys. He had one goal all season coming in and he got two tonight. Like why? Rich Nash scored the game-winner for the Rangers making it a 3-2 game. Henrik Lundqvist made some dope saves, Kevin Hayes got an empty-netter, and that was that.

The Avalanche continue their march towards the best odds at the 1st overall pick this summer when they play the Hartford Whalers I mean the Quebec Nordiques no the New York Islanders in the afternoon. Rather than watching that, you could watch something like the Spurs-Knicks on ABC, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am on CBS, or get hit by a car anywhere of your choosing.