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Rampage Game Thread: Milwaukee 2/15/17

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The beloved Rampage finish up their week-long stay in the Chicago area with the final game of the season series vs Milwaukee. Since they have not defeated the Ads in the 3 previous meetings and are coming off a lackluster single point 3-in-3, I’m ready for some more disappointment.

Roster/Injury Report

- Jeremy Smith made his NHL debut with the Avs last night and was very solid saving 37/40 and earning the 2nd star in a 3-2 loss. Perhaps we may have seen the last of him in Silver & Black

- Reid Petryk is dealing with LBI and is questionable for tonight

- Gus Young is still back in San Antonio with an undisclosed injury

- Mat Clark played 2 out 3 games this weekend, no word on if missing the middle frame was for rest or injury

- Eric Gelinas made his Rampage debut Friday and played all 3 games this weekend, poorly

- With continued trade rumors circling the Avs and associated rumors surrounding who may be called up to replace the departed, it’s got to be tough in the locker room right now. Two weeks from now this might be a vastly different roster from now.

Fast Facts: CHI/RFD

2-0-1 on the weekend with the lone point a shootout loss at Rockford

Outscored 14-8
Outshot 103-92 (47.1%)

PP: 2/11 (18.1%)
PK: 11/13 (84.6%)

Spencer Martin saved 36/43 (.837) in ~4 periods
Kent Simpson saved 53/57 (.930) in ~5 periods

Goals: Bourque (6,7), Nunn (8), Sislo (6), Compher (12,13), Grimaldi (20), Whitney (11)

Team Leaders/Stats

Goals: Grimaldi (20), Greer/Compher (13), Whitney (11)
Assists: Greer (21), Grimaldi/Whitney (17), Compher (15)
Points: Grimaldi (37), Greer (34), Compher/Whitney (28)

Even Strength Points: Grimaldi (26), GreerWhitney (20), Compher (19)

Shots: Grimaldi (147, 3/gm), Whitney (120, 2.4/gm), Sislo (116, 2.36/gm), Greer (106, 2.26/gm)

Rocco is 4th in AHL Shots
Greer is 4th in AHL Rookie Points, 3rd in AHL Rookie Minor Penalties (22)
Nantel is 2nd AHL Rookie SHG

PP is 27th in AHL (14.7%)
PK is 6th in AHL (84.4%)

Goals For: 2.58/gm, 22nd
Goals Against: 2.98/gm, 21st

Shots For: 28.1/gm, 24th
Shots Against: 29.98/gm, 17th

Sh%: 9.2%
Sv%: .901

STP: 99.1
PDO: 993

Even with an ineffective power play the team’s shooting percentage is pretty normal and even with a very effective PK the team’s save percentage is bad. With average goaltending they would be pretty close on goal differential but it’s not to be this year. That plus shot generation issues are keeping them in the basement. It doesn’t sound like much but averaging 2 more shots per game would give them another 9 goals this season. Something they really want to think about over the summer.

Preview: MKE

Admirals are really good and have beaten SA 3 times this year, but can they do that without Felix Girard???

Lineup from Sunday:

Bourque - Girard - Grimaldi
Greer - Compher - Sislo
Bourke - O’Brien - Nunn
Whitney - Nantel - Henley

Bigras - Clark
Boikov - Lindholm
Siemens - Gelinas


Scratch: Corbett, Geertsen

EV spun up the blender over the weekend and didn’t get any results. None of those D-pairs were consistent and the lines were all over the place other than the Girard line. Gelinas was terrible in all 3 games. He’s a total liability defensively and can’t hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle from the point. I’d say unless there’s some mandate from above it would be better for everyone if they just handed him a check and told him to get lost. It would also be a great time to explore trades for the vet FAs. Whit & Sislo aren’t adding anything and even tho’ Clark has been adequate if they can get a look at someone else in that range I’m all for it. There are a few guys on the bench and with the Eagles that could use some PT and probably some CHL FAs in another month. Hopefully that’s all part of the Avs plan if they indeed have one.


Rampage vs Milwaukee, Wednesday 8pm ET on Ticket760


- Morning sound from Veilleux and Girard

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