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The Official MHH Bracket Challenge League. GET IN HERE

You can predict the future, right? Prove it.

NHL: Florida Panthers at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As always, the NHL will be doing a bracket challenge event where you, noted expert, can predict what’s going to happen in the giant cluster of chaos that is the Stanley Cup playoffs. As also always, Mile High Hockey wants to know which of you is the expertiest.

Our official league is open to the public free of password, despite the lie I told about that on the last podcast. You don’t have to type and therefore graphically imagine DavesRWUnderoos after all. You can find it by searching for MHH Official League, or, if that’s still as broken as it was when I created the league, by clicking this shit right here. Click on Create Bracket to make your selections, hoping, of course, that it actually lets you save them, which as of the time of this writing it is really hit or miss. I had to try like five times before it went through and even let me change my bracket’s name.

Really, I’m giving all of my stinkface right now. I sent a fried shrimp emoji at them on Twitter and then it worked, so maybe try that?

The winner of the Official MHH Bracket Challenge League will get the glorious prize of glorious mention and showers of adoration from all from their adoring fans, as well as other repetitive prizes repeated, too.

Good luck getting the NHL’s online products to do something effectively. Hope it doesn’t ruin our fun! Go, pick, select, prognosticate, adjudicate, eliminate (your competition) (but not me) (just all our shared competition) (then yourself so I win)! Let’s do this!