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Rampage Road Trip: Texas

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The beloved Rampage have 3 games left this season, all against the Texas Stars. Game 1 is tonight in Cedar Park and the team is going to look radically different than it did a week ago.

Roster/Injury Report

- Sunday morning the Avs sent Duncan Siemens, Rocco Grimaldi and Anton Lindholm back down to San Antonio. They all played in Sunday’s game.

- Monday, Geertsen, Nantel and Belzile were optioned to the Eagles to get them prepared for the ECHL playoffs beginning this Friday. Rumor has it that Justin Hamonic has also gone back but it hasn’t hit the wire.

- Also on Monday the Rampage called up a bunch of players from the Atlanta Gladiators to replace those headed off to Loveland. Thomas Frazee played a few games for the Rampage earlier this year. He’s joined by RW Trevor Mingoia and D Josh Atkinson.

- Avs 2016 3rd round pick Josh Anderson signed an ATO with the Rampage yesterday. This is pretty rare, as far as I can remember the org hasn’t ATO’d any D-year picks like this to actually play in games in a while. Way back in the day, Duncan Siemens and Calvin Pickard played a few games in their draft year for the Monsters. This might be just for practice and whatnot, which has happened over the years, but he’s got the build to handle the AHL at 18 years old so give him a shot.

- Chris Bigras and Shawn St-Amant returned from injury over the weekend. Turner Elson is the only injured player that could return over the next 5 days. Greer, Henley and Vogelhuber are out for the year.

- Jim O’Brien committed a heinous check in to the boards on Friday night and received a match penalty. The AHL suspended him for 3 games (plus auto 1 for a match penalty) so his season is over.

Preview: Stars

The Stars are coming off a brutal weekend in Charlotte, outscored 12-4 in 2 games, but they got a bunch of guys back from Dallas this week. Who knows what the Rampage are going to look like with their radical amount of roster movement.

Lines/Pairs from Sunday

Bourque - Smith - Grimaldi
Ranford - Girard - St Amant
Bourke - Nantel - Petryk
Storm - Belzile - Nunn

Siemens - Lindholm
Bigras - Clark
Geertsen - Gelinas


Scratch: Shaw, Boikov, Young, Hamonic, Fick, OB (susp), Elson (LBI) + chronics


Tonight vs Texas 8:30pm ET on Ticket760

Of course there is no Avs game to conflict.