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Playoff Nightlies 4/26/17

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After a few days off to let fans catch their breath the NHL returns tonight with the Western Conference portion of the Divisional Finals. Here’s how Round 2 racks out:

Atlantic Finals

Rangers at Senators - Tomorrow, Saturday, Tuesday, etc

Probably not fair to either team but, who cares?

Metro Finals

Penguins at Capitals - Tomorrow, Saturday, Monday, etc

The two best teams face off in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Nice planning. Safe to say that this should be the best series of the Spring (but probably won’t be).

Central Finals

Pradators at Bloos - Tonight, Friday, Sunday, etc

The once proud Central Division is reduced to a couple of teams that battled for wild card invitations and rode hot goaltending into round 2. On the bright side, neither team is particularly good so that could make for exciting hockey. Just kidding...

Pacific Finals

Oilers at Ducks - Tonight, Friday, Sunday, etc

Could end up being the least watched series in the 2nd round due to start times and Canadian team vs unlikable small-market team dynamics, but this has real potential to be fun. The Ducks are a better, goonier version of the Sharks so Edmonton will be well-prepared. Everyone’s waiting for McDavid to break out in the playoffs, this would be a good time for that to happen if the Oilers are going to move on to the Conference Finals.

Tonight’s Schedule

8pm ET - Preds at Bloos on NBCSN

10:30pm ET - Oilers at Ducks on NBCSN (probably delayed or joined in progress)

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QMJHL Semi-Finals

Nic Meloche’s Islanders are in trouble, down 2-1 in their series vs Blainville-Boisbriand and the next 2 games on the road. Meloche had a late goal in Charlottetown’s 5-4 loss last night, plus an assist, but they’re going to have to stop taking penalties and start generating shots on goal if they want a shot at the Finals and maybe a trip to the Memorial Cup.

CHA at BLB - 7:30pm ET on LHJMQ en Directe

ECHL Divisional Finals

Our guys on the Eagles will take on the Allen Americans starting Friday night in Texas.