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Weekend Open Thread: 6/10-11

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning friends. A quiet weekend, perhaps the last one for a while. No finals game until Sunday night and no league deadlines until the finals are over, which will be either Sunday or Wednesday.

Plenty of rumors, but little substance to discuss today.

- Some wag on twitter (actually Gord Miller who’s a good guy) says he keeps hearing the Islanders are the frontrunners in the Matt Duchene trade race.

- Some other wag on twitter seems to think the Blackhawks are about to get bailed out of one of their stupid contracts with a “core player”. Just thinking out loud here, do they get the Stars #3 or the Avs #4 for Brent Seabrook’s horrible deal?

- Nothing new about Warren Rychel perhaps joining the Avs front office, which could mean anything at this point. Gotta get something done, just to remind everyone they have done nothing since finishing the season with 14 wins in regulation.

- We’ll have a post with important dates coming out this week but the major ones are the first buyout window opening either Thursday or Saturday depending on how the finals play out and the Expansion Draft protected lists being submitted next Saturday and released to the public the next day.

- Plenty of other sporting fun to be had this weekend. Aside from your favorite local baseball team, the French Open Finals happen, cycling has two days in the Alps with the Criterium du Dauphine and the beginning of the Tour de Suisse and formula 1 visits Montreal for the Canadian GP. Enjoy!