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Avalanche To Buy Out Francois Beauchemin

Colorado Avalanche v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

It’s never good news to hear a member of the org is having their contract bought out, even a polarizing player like Francois Beauchemin, but this is something that needed to be done. The Avs will buy out the final year on Frank’s deal, have the full $4.5M cap hit this year and get a one-third reduction in salary to be paid over the next two seasons.

I’m not expecting any comments from Joe Sakic on this but it would be interesting to find out if this is performance driven or it has to do with unwillingness to waive his No-Movement Clause for the upcoming expansion draft. Either one would have noticeable effects on the Avs roster for the upcoming season.

More on this as it unfolds.