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Yes, This Is the Trade Duchene Thread

Colorado Avalanche v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning all. As of right now, 8am ET, the trade freeze is unfrozen and the NHL is open for business. It also happens to be 36 hours until the 2017 NHL Entry Draft begins in the city that made the Super Bowl Shuffle great again.

What do the Avs need? Everything pretty much, but specifically they need a top-4 defenseman. Joe Sakic seems to have further qualified this by implying that they need a young, yet NHL-proven, top-4 defenseman that can instantly fit into the “new” core being built around youngsters like Mack and Mikko and perhaps some others like Tyson Jost, JT Compher and Nikita Zadorov.

Maybe they don’t need more draft picks in Friday’s amateur draft but as a team that had a bunch of olderslower guys that seem to be moving on whether they like it or not AND had a grand total of 14 regulation wins/48 total points last year, getting more picks should be somewhat of a priority to rebuild/retool/recharge the franchise’s talent level.

The Avalanche also need a little more quality on the farm that’s closer than 2-3 years out. Nice to have but shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if it’s not an easy fit. Let’s call this dessert while the meat (nice D) and potatoes (fancy high draft picks) are the primary goal.

What do they have to exchange for these items? Anything that’s not nailed down really. They’ve got... wait, screw this. This is the Trade Duchene thread. They’ve got Matt Duchene and they’ve been trying to not have Matt Duchene for over a year now. However you may feel about Dutch’s tenure in the great state of Colorado and his skill level or what he could add to this new core, it’s time to use him as legal tender and acquire something they need more than they need him.

Many have tried to acquire young Dutch over the past few months but GM Joe showed the ability for absolute patience to wait until the last possible moment. This is now the last possible moment. No more excuses, no more waiting, just get it done so everyone can move on with their lives.

Good luck, we’re all counting on you.