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GDT: 2017 Entry Draft Day 2 - Avs Leading Off

2017 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning all. The Avs got their man at #4 last night in Cale “Brooks” Makar, now the real work of organization building begins with the first pick of the day at #32. Or does it?

First of all I want to give a shoutout to AJ for being the only Avs media on site in Chicago. BSN Avs has you covered with all the goods on Makar and Sakic’s trade dysfunction here as well as a Day 1 Draft Podcast for your enjoyment

Second, here’s the draft interview with Brooksie from the Avs site. Lots of good info, the one thing I took away was that he didn’t really know much about the Avs. We knew this era was going to come sooner or later, transitioning from kids that grew up viewing the Avs from the dynasty years as a solid and respectable team. Now we’re going to get kids that grew up never hearing about them because they’ve been awful for almost a decade now.

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As far as today goes, here are the Colorado picks as it stands right now:

2nd round - #32 (first)

3rd Round - Eric Gelinas (yay!)

4th Round - #94 (first) and #114 (20th) from the Rangers

5th Round - #125 (first)

6th Round - #156 (first)

7th Round - #187 (first)

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It remains to be seen what the Avs do with the first pick today. As you might remember the Avs had the first pick in the 2nd round in 2015 as part of the Ryan O’Reilly trade but traded it to San Jose for the #39 pick and also regained the 2nd and 6th (which is this year’s #165) that they pissed away in the horrible Bad Stuart trade. That’s some good value. As you also might remember the Avs pissed away their 3rd this year on Eric Gelinas so getting something in the 60’s/70’s would be nice, if only to have something to do for a few hours.

If they don’t trade down, my pick to click is Nic Hague, the gigantic (6’6 214#) defenseman out of Mississauga of the OHL that can skate and score (18G/28A this year). OMG, two defensemen at the top of the draft? Yes, this guy fell out of the 1st round for some reason and has excellent potential despite some violence issues including ending the season of our beloved Travis Barron with a really cheap shot. Adding a D like Hague along with Makar would do wonders for the Avs depth on D in the system. If you like the idea of a stable of righteous young defensemen like Philly & Carolina now and Nashville a couple of years ago, then this is a great way to start on that path.

Some other names to look for are forwards Maxime Comtois of Victoriaville (Q) and Kole Lind of Kelowna (Dub). Honestly if they’re not going to take Hague then trading down is the way to go.

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