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GDT: Free Agent Frenzy 2017

How much is that doggie in the window?
USA Today

Good morning sports fans. Teams have been negotiating with the great unwanted from others’ rosters for nearly a week now, at noon we see all the hard work pay off.

The Avs one and only large need is a backup (?) goaltender now that Calvin’s hanging with the ghosts of the Rat Pack. As reported by BSN last night, it appears that Jonathan Bernier will be in burgundy & blue this coming season. Good choice, and it definitely could be worse.

Aside from that, we could use some depth. I’m looking for perhaps a solid 3rd pair D/PK specialist and some bottom-6 center depth that can fit into #youngerfaster. The Rampage always need help, should be interesting to see what the staff comes up with for AHL depth. They also need a goalie. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see nothing besides Bernier with the rest of the spots slated to be filled by camp invites and some crafty use of the Avs #1 spot in the waiver line for at least the first several weeks of the season.

Grab some Pepto-Bismol and prepare yourself for an afternoon of hideous & crippling mistakes (by other teams for a change).