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Mile High Hockey Welcomes a Few New Faces

Get to know some of the people that will be helping to grow the site

When I took the reigns at Mile High Hockey, I was quickly able to see that in order for it to grow into the number one resource for Colorado Avalanche fans, I knew I was going to need a little help.

I let you all know a little about myself, so now get to know some of the new faces that you’ll see around the site going forward.

Taylor Sedona Clark (@taylorsedona)

My name is Taylor Sedona Clark I am a sports journalism student based out of Arizona and I’m finishing my last year of university. My journalistic focus is on hockey and I have worked with almost every level of the sport. Most of my work has focused on Arizona hockey - specifically the Tuscon Roadrunners - and features and has appeared in USA Hockey Magazine and Fox Sports. My goal is to use multimedia to be a visual storyteller. I’ll mostly be contributing features and AHL coverage to the site. When I’m not working with hockey I’m normally travelling and making travel videos.

Conor McCluskey (@conor_MHH )

My name is Conor McCluskey. I have been a Colorado Avalanche fan since the beginning and an avid hockey fan for over 23 years. My first professional hockey game I attended was at the old McNichols Arena watching the Denver Grizzlies and Chris Simon taking out his frustration on some poor kid from Albany. Good times at ‘Big Mac’. I grew up in Littleton, CO and spent most of my free time playing and dreaming about hockey. I played club, high school and a little college hockey but my true passion is beer league. Nothing like tasting that sweet liquid victory after hoisting a tin cup with the boys. If given the opportunity, I can talk about the Avalanche and hockey all day so I am very grateful for the chance to put it all down in words for you. At any time you want to talk shop about the Avs or hockey in general feel free to drop me a line on twitter @conor_MHH . Go Avs.

Shalini (@GrinWithGuilt )

Hi! I’m Shalini. I’m so excited to get to know everyone in the MHH community and join this talented group of contributors. Unlike most of our fine staff, I don’t come from a background in journalism or hockey. I’m just a fan, and I’ve been a fan of the game for about half of my life. Although I didn’t grow up an Avs fan (please don’t hate me!), I loved Joe Sakic since the earliest days of my hockey fandom. Having lived in Toronto my whole life, I’m an expert on how to cheer for not very good hockey teams. I hope to bring that experience and wisdom into my Avalanche Summer Social Media series, which is a brief glimpse into players’ personalities and other interesting things about them. I hope you’ll follow along!

Zack Blazek (@ColoradoZebo )

You may know me already as ColoradoZebo, my name is Zach and I’m thrilled to be joining the writing team here at MHH! I’m a Colorado Native and have been a fan of the Avalanche since birth. Until my time as a busy college student, I played goalie and have always considered myself a student of the game from the crease. Ask me about my only fight and my only goal, both stories have played well at parties over the years. Now that I’m finished with school, I’m excited to get back into the business of all things hockey! I hope to be writing about the Avs, but will also be contributing coverage of the ACHL affiliate Eagles. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @ColoradoZebo and thanks very much for welcoming me to the team! Go Avs!

Blaise Miyakusu (@Blaise_Miyakusu)

"Hey! My name is Blaise Miyakusu. I am currently in school working on a degree in Journalism. I am a lifelong Avalanche fan and a Colorado native. My ambition is to be able to make a living with my writing, whether it is in the news, writing sports columns, or writing about tech. I hope to bring interesting insight, compelling articles, and a good vibe to Mile High Hockey. As for a little bit about myself, I compete in Powerlifting (I currently hold the USPA Colorado state record in my weight class for the deadlift!), play lots of video games, and like long walks on the beach. That's a thing...right?"

Adam (@ElSeldo )

Affectionately referred to as Dadam, Mr. Seldo is attempting to take over the entire SBN network one site at a time. Already doing the same for Pension Plan Puppets and Raw Charge, Adam is going to be contributing weekly prospects updates once the junior seasons start. A huge fan of the OHL, Adam spends way too much time hanging around Niagara Ice Dogs games.

Nathan Rudolph (Rudo3)

A Colorado native and fan since before you could call Patrick Roy an Av, Rudo3 grew up in love with the sport of hockey watching greats like Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic. Currently a student at MSU in Denver, he spends nearly all of his free time absorbing or creating Avs content online. Over the past few years, he has been a large contributor to the Colorado Avalanche subreddit and also runs the Avalanche Review YouTube channel. His content covers the entire Avalanche organization from game-by-game Avs reviews all the way down to analysis of unsigned Avalanche prospects.

Drew Smith (@TwoLinePassHKY ‏)

Hello Mile High Hockey! My name is Drew and I'm an Avs from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm very excited to be joining the MHH team. I've had a passion for hockey for as long as I can remember both as a player and a fan. I have an interest in the underlying statistics of the game and the analysis that can be made from them. Additionally, I'm a huge jersey nerd. I hope that you'll enjoy my writing and be able to take something away from it.