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Today’s Slapshots: Turgeon named part of of the Kings coaching staff

Tampa Bay Lightning v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Colorado Avalanche

Former Colorado Avalanche forward, Pierre Turgeon, has signed on to be an “offensive coordinator” for the Los Angeles Kings. Turgeon played for the Avalanche for two seasons and had total of 53 points.

In case you missed it yesterday, let’s talk about the new Avalanche sweaters.

The Rest of The Game

Rick Tocchet may have only played three years out of his 18 year career in Arizona, but he’s heading back to be a Coyote... as a coach. Tochett was an Assistant Coach in the Colorado Avalanche organization for the 2002-2003 season.

One RFA less on the market as the Bolts have inked Tyler Johnson for another 7 years and $35 million. He has a ten team NTC for the final three years of his contract.

Sabres want to sign Jack Eichel to a long-term contract extension. They are hoping to get him to agree to a deal similar to the one that Connor McDavid signed with the Oilers. McDavid signed for eight-years and $100 million.

Sportsnet has a list of the most four improved teams during this offseason. Spoiler alert: The Colorado Avalanche are not listed.

No one knows what is going on with LTIR this NHL off-season. It’s a rather confusing mess. Can teams use the LTIR during the offseason? Maybe, maybe not. It seems as though it’s a rather grey area.