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Colorado Avalanche in good hands with Joe Sakic

Reasons why you shouldn’t doubt Avs GM Joe Sakic

Colorado Avalanche Introduce Patrick Roy<br> Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Colorado Avalanche are in good hands with Joe Sakic at the helm. Don’t believe me?

Well, perhaps you’re too young to remember Sakic’s playing days. He was known for his soft hands in close and legendary wrist shot. Soft hands. Strong wrists. Few men are blessed with the hands that Sakic has.

He made quick decisions with his hands. A quick snap of the wrists and the puck was in the back of the net quicker than fans pouring out of the Pepsi Center after the opposing team scored their second goal of the game last season.

His soft touch around the net and pinpoint wrist accuracy allowed him to finish in all situations. You don’t score 625 career goals without being able to finish. Sakic was a finisher. That’s why I trust that he’s going to finish the job he started in 2013, when he was named Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations and said he was going to bring winning back to Colorado.

And who are we to doubt one of the most prolific goal scorers in league history?

Maybe you’re thinking, “what does Joe’s soft hands and strong wrists have to do with building a competitive hockey team?”

First, I said the team is in good hands with Sakic. This is not a lie. His hands are amazing. Second, he also has a mind for hockey.

I could point out that only eight players have more career points than Sakic and that you can’t put up that many points without knowing what you’re doing on and off the ice. But that’s not good enough. You’ll counter by saying, “last season showed that he doesn’t know what he’s doing off the ice.” And I’ll counter by saying, “even the snow blower wins every now and again.”

Forget last season. Let’s look at what Sakic is doing right now. It’s 9 AM in Denver as I type these words at 12 PM in Durham. What has Joe done with the roster up to this point?

There are only three defensemen on the roster. Erik Johnson, Tyson Barrie, and Mark Barberio. Those are the only three defensemen under contract. You probably think, “having three defensemen under contract on July 17 is not good.”

You’re wrong.

If you only have three defensemen under contract. Every defenseman is a top three defenseman.

*smart guy thinking meme*

What about Matt Duchene?

Everyone expected Sakic to trade the troubled winger/center/country music fan at the trade deadline. Didn’t happen. Then, he was supposed to be traded at the draft. Nope. Ok, but he was definitely going to be traded during the first weekend of free agency. Or, not.

Everyone is screaming at Joe to trade Duchene. I walked by a car in the parking lot this morning with Denver stickers on the back window. There was a “Colorado is Home” sticker with a cool mountain scene. A “Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Champions” sticker that I nearly threw up on because I’m a Carolina Panthers fan. And a “JOE SAKIC WHY HAVEN’T YOU TRADED MATT DUCHENE?!?!?!?!” sticker with an angry Cartman graphic.

Calm down, Colorado license plate car in North Carolina.

Joe knows that the money is in the chase. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Every man wants what they cannot have. Another random cliche lifted from the internet.

By holding onto Duchene, Sakic is making teams want him more. He’s their white whale. They start getting antsy and angry that they can’t have him. They go to desperate lengths and measures to acquire him. That’s when Sakic has them where he wants them. That’s when they are outside of Joe’s house at 3 AM with a boom box blasting “Cotton Eyed Joe,” roses, two Stanley Cup rings, and chocolates.

And that’s when Joe is like, “I asked for Noah Hanifin and Jeff Skinner, Ron” before slamming his window shut.

Don’t worry, everyone. The Avs are in good hands with Joe Sakic.