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Colorado Avalanche Summer Social Media Series: Gabriel Landeskog

Get to know the Avs Captain through the lens of social media

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports
NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Thank you for reading the third instalment in my Colorado Avalanche Summer Social Media series! If you haven’t yet, please check out the previous look at Erik Johnson and Matt Duchene.

In His Own Words

“Number 92 for the Colorado Avalanche. Proud supporter of @YouCanPlayTeam. Ambassador for @EMPWR_FDN and anti bullying organization Friends.”

Captain Sweden

What was it like to be named the youngest captain in NHL history (at the time)? Gabriel shares how he navigated all of that with this NHLPA interview.

Gabriel admitted that while he can never be the “perfect captain,” he always “tries to be himself.” Avs fans should take comfort in knowing their captain is very committed, as you can see if you scroll down an inch:


In the off-season, Gabriel adheres to a very strict Nordic workout regimen. See for yourself! (He shows up about midway through this video):

Fun fact: Gabriel’s trainer is Andreas Ohgren, who also trains other Swedish NHLers such as Patric Hornqvist and Nicklas Backstrom.

Looks like the offseason training is a success.

Meet Zoey Landeskog

  • This is Zoey. Zoey is #1 in my authoritative list of Avalanche Pet Rankings. Here is Zoey enjoying a nice day by the water.

Zoey loves to exercise AND can really pull off camo:

Really, why can’t I just write an entire separate profile on Zoey?! Zoey is everything.

Zoey is a good girl.


  • Sports: Golf!
  • Breakfast foods (Gabriel is the self-proclaimed Swedish Chef)

Can I just say “underbart” is the most delightful sounding word ever?

  • Pranking randoms on the street:
  • TV Shows: Suits, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights

Things Gabriel is Good At

  • Fashion, duh.

Gabriel understands that you gotta look good to feel good. Look at this sartorial elegance:

If you’re Tyson Barrie, it’s only understandable that having an Extremely Handsome Swede for a teammate can cause a little jealousy. Here’s a funny exchange between the two shortly after Gabriel tweeted his photoshoot picture:

(I like how he never denies that he’s good looking. He knows it. We know it.)

Gabriel is also the only one who has ever pulled off wearing sunglasses on a plane:

This man even makes that ugly IIHF cap look good. Dang.

  • That bring us to, winning world championships:

Things Gabriel is Bad At

  • Being a goalie:
  • Karaoke. Definitely karaoke. Here he is singing possibly his favourite ABBA song with his good buddy, Victor Hedman.
  • Putting on his “serious face” during a video shoot:
  • Absolutely nothing else.