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Sunday Is Moving Day (???)

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Avs cruised through Free Agent Frenzy with a new backup goalie, a trade for a winger and some AHL depth. A decent haul, but many questions still remain about the lineups in Colorado and San Antonio for the coming season. They also cruised through Free Agent Frenzy with Matt Duchene still on the roster but the urgency may have heated up somewhat.

  • Jon Bernier - Solid pickup. Very capable of filling the backup role and if all hell breaks loose he has been a starter in the past. This was the A#1 biggest need and it got done.
  • Colin Wilson for a 2019 4th. From a blind-scales-of-justice point of view the Avs got a good player for a very future asset. Some (like me) don’t like the deal because a) Nashville made out like bandits and b) it’s just another in a long line of trades that sacrifice futures for nows with no end in sight. It is what it is, Wilson will help the club and the Avs can worry about accumulating draft picks some other decade.
  • Andrew Agozzino - Like it. Aggz is money in the AHL and familiar with the org. Welcome back brother.
  • David Warsofski - Had a great season on a stacked AHL team. Where have I seen this before?
  • Joe Cannata - Not sure about the thinking here other than he may have been the only goalie on the market willing to play in San Antonio this year. Hope the 3 goalies ahead of him stay healthy.

Finally we come to the ongoing Matt Duchene saga. He got married yesterday so it’s understandable if an actual trade wasn’t consummated while he was getting nutsy at his reception. The clock is ticking however, if this doesn’t get done now the urgency will ebb and none of us will be able to get on with our lives. The flavors of the day were Nashville, who traded a 3rd for Alexei Yemelin to perhaps make a D available, Columbus, who seem quite interested even with the Avs putting a new ask in on Gabriel Carlsson, and perhaps Boston getting into the mix. Stay tuned. #WhyNotToday