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Recognizing Women In Sports Media

Taylor Sedona Clark

You may be aware of a fierce debate making the rounds on Hockey Twitter this week about the need for greater inclusion and diversity in sports media. As this is our first official HERSday here at Mile High Hockey, we wanted to draw your attention to this important subject.

There are many incredible women that are an integral part of SB Nation and numerous outlets who are doing amazing work everyday; a lot of them who do so completely under the radar. It would be wonderful if we could take a moment to thank them for their ongoing contribution, and also recognize a few of our friends as well. Here at MHH, we’ve already assembled and started adding to a team of kickass women (shoutout to Sandie, Jackie and Taylor!). We all benefit greatly from their passion, talent and knowledge of the game that we love.

Our goal is to support women of diverse backgrounds that are currently working or aspiring to join the sports media landscape. To that end, we strongly encourage you to check out and share the link below. Give them a follow too!

A List of Women of Colour in Sports Media

If there are any women writers you wish to recognize, please give them your own shoutout in the comments!

Our deepest thanks go out to Shireen Ahmed for compiling the list.

Edit: A slight change to the article link title was made to reflect that the list is for WoC in sports media.