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A Hockey Post: A few things we can all agree on

About hockey, mostly.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Colorado Avalanche Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Cue: Lazy Staffwriter. (Late, of course).

I feel it was only fitting that I’d get this first article in well after being hired, and whether I intended it or not, that’s how the stars aligned.

I’ve been a reader and commenter here at MHH since 2013, and I’m forever thankful to have been welcomed into the community. As a staffwriter, my goal is to meet the bar set by fellow writers and commenters in the past, especially in the realm of laziness, puns, gifs, phrasing, and everlasting Bozak+2 proposals. I am but a lazy staffwriter, with only adequate motivation, syntactical ambivalence, and the occasional haiku to offer. Amidst the shadow of garbage August before us, I hope this post, and future posts, can be a place where we get back to talking hockey. Unless, you know, you want to convince me that Rogue One isn’t the best Star Wars movie or something. (It is).

With that in mind, let’s get down to business. These are, I believe, some things we can unequivocally agree on. (Or not, fight me.)

1. Goes without saying, but [Redacted] the red wings. And the mild. Sorry, TG22. (But not really.)

2. These new jerseys are absolutely magnificent.

3. Last season sucked, but we have reasons to be hopeful for the future. Like this dude!

4. Maybe another reason is that Jussi Parkkila, our new goalie coach, might actually be able to help Varly be #varlyvarly this season.

This glove save though!

5. We can smile at the little things.

6. Speaking of smiles…

7. Cap can hold his own, no doubt.

8. In the end, we can agree that these are the moments we live for.

We’re Avs fans, we’re hockey fans, this is why we sit around on MHH and do this all year. For the love of the team, for the love of the game. Yes, eternal August sucks. It’s not even here yet and I already can’t stand it. For Roy’s sake, the most interesting sports going on in Colorado these days is happening over at Coors Field. Broncos training camp starts in a few weeks and we’ll soon be even more saturated with quarterback controversies and overwhelming coverage of what will inevitably amount to a third place team. Not that both of those teams aren’t awesome, but you know. August is a hell of a month.

Soon though, the doldrum cloud will be pass and hockey, blessed hockey, will be here. If y’all enjoyed this article, I think it would be fun to do one sort of like this on a weekly basis (a weekly, rambly, goofy recap with gifs and images, all things Avs/Rampage/Eagles/Pios) where the tone can be casual and so can everyone else. Hang tough, reader friends. In the meantime, while we wait, we should look at these jerseys some more and be happy.



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