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Help Wanted: New Writers Needed for Mile High Hockey

Do you have an interesting writing about the Avs, Rampage or University of Denver hockey? Drop us a line.


With the site under new management, we here at Mile High Hockey are looking to add new members to our team. We want to continue to produce a mix of articles and features that meet and exceed the standards our readers have come to expect, as we cover the Colorado Avalanche organization, as well as hockey as a whole in the state of Colorado.

As MHH, moves into a new era, we are looking for a few new individuals to help up push the site and community to new heights. The goal in growing the staff is to expand the scope of content that the site will contain. We are looking for people with a passion for the Avs, the San Antonio Rampage, as well as the University of Denver and other local hockey programs.

The goal is to have a full compliment of writers that can contribute on a regular basis by the time training camp starts in September.

What we are looking for:

Writers at MHH will be able to write about a wide variety of topics. Whether it’s news and analysis based, or opinion oriented pieces, we would like to find a few people that can commit to playing a key role in the growth of the site.

You do not have to be Colorado based, though if you’re in Denver or San Antonio that would be of help to us.

Know thay these are volunteer positions and as we are a fan community. If you’re interested, please email me at with a brief outline of what you think you can contribute as well as a sample of your writing (it doesn’t have to be about the Avs or even hockey). If you have any further questions for me, drop me a line on Twitter @PuckDontLie, my DMs are always open.