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Sunday Week in Review 7/9/17

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Columbus Blue Jackets v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Good morning all. As the off-season degrades into Julaugust, the Avs thankfully made some announcements this week just to keep the stoke going. The Russian MSHM also did their part to fabricate some excitement at the expense of our ulcers. Let’s take a look back.

  • The Avs signed 1st overall bust Nail Yakupov to a show-me contract on Tuesday. Lots of people are saying ‘why not?’ when a better question might be ‘why?’.
  • Matt Nieto was the only RFA to elect arbitration on Wednesday. Siemens, Grimaldi and Bourque are going to chance it sans outside help.
  • It’s anyone’s guess why the timing was right on Friday to announce the new assistant coach hires for next season, but apparently, it was. Superficially, Ray Bennett and Jussi Parkkila look like exactly what the Avs need. We won’t have any idea otherwise for several months.
  • It sounds like the St Louis Bloos are going to be donating the services of a few prospects to the beloved Rampage next year, perhaps as a prelude to them affiliating in San Antonio next summer. Gee, wonder what the Avs are going to do for an affiliate...
  • Matt Duchene is still on the roster. Some still think that’s going to change. One thing that did change this week is that he is now a married man. Check out the amazing profile one of our new contributors put together about Matt Duchene, the man.
  • State radio had some phoners with Colin Wilson and Tyson Jost this week.
  • Now battling with the Duchene saga for #1 source of Avalanche fan angst is Nikita Zadorov’s status as an unsigned RFA. Reports out of Russia recently have Big Z signed with CSKA, which they have denied. Not only denied, they deny having spoken to him about a contract for next season. Rational reporting stateside has both sides agreed on term already but not real close on money. Not surprisingly, that’s also disputed. By far the most likely outcome is a new contract with the Avs signed near the end of this month. Really, it is. This type of negotiating situation happens ALL the time with talented young defensemen coming off their ELCs. Look it up.

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That’s all for now. Steph, Ryan and I will be recording another fabulous episode of the #MHHPod this afternoon. We will be discussing the above topics and many more, if there’s something you’d like covered please feel free to ask a question below.