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Weekend Brunch: One Foote out the door

Analyzing front offices, E-Sports, and Jagr playing for himself

2016 Coors Light Stadium Series - Alumni Game Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Avs

Colorado Avalanche legend Adam Foote might be leaving the oraganization as a player development coach, mostly working young defensemen. Foote’s son, Callan, just got drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning 14th overall. [Mile High Hockey]

Bang for their buck: Adam Mohamed looked at how well NHL teams have played relative to the amount of money they spend on players, over time. Its a very interesting read that chronicles a lot of teams’ highs and lows. “On the other end of the spectrum, Toronto would be my choice for the worst front office performance.” [Mile High Hockey]

This “Open Letter to Patrick Roy” is something I think all Avs fans should read. “To me, you’re still the greatest goalie of all-time. You’re still a big part of the two best seasons in franchise history. What happened last year doesn’t change the moments you delivered on the ice. That one day doesn’t take away those two Stanley Cups.” [Mile High Hockey]

This is not quite hockey related but Colorado Avalanche ownership group, lead by Stan and Josh Kroenke, have bought a team of professional “Overwatch” players in E-Sports. “Overwatch League was announced months ago at last November’s Blizzcon and has been “coming soon” ever since, though the league has finally started taking shape recently and Blizzard expects play to get underway before the end of the year, according to The Score.” [Mile High Hockey]

Top 25 Under 25

#11: Conor Timmins: The right handed shot from the OHL has a solid all-around game and an underrated offensive touch. “His play last season was enough to get an invitation to Team Canada’s World Junior Summer Evaluation Camp. This past month, Timmins was a part of the team that competed at the World Junior Summer Showcase, and while he had flashes of great play, somewhat underwhelmed.” [Mile High Hockey]

The Game

The Bloggers Tribune gave and ode to small defensemen. There is some really good analysis of some very high end defensemen in here. “With the way the NHL game has changed and the way NHL executives are expanding their minds, the label ‘undersized defenseman’ isn’t the death knell it once was.” [The Bloggers Tribune]

Off the Crossbar: NBC’s ‘Rivalry Night’ Becomes Just ‘Night’: "On Oct. 18, the Montreal Canadiens travel west to battle their arch-nemesis, the Los Angeles Kings. It’s a quintessential contest between two teams that have about as much pent-up hatred for one another as two puppies." [THW]

Bertuzzi’s Future Hinges on Red Wings Salary Cap: "If Detroit is unable to clear some cap space either via trade or waivers, the team could very well choose to play Witkowksi over Bertuzzi on a more regular basis based on Witkowski’s lower AAV of $750,000." [THW]

The Mullet, the Myth, the Legend, Jaromir Jagr is considering leaving the NHL for the Czech Republic if he does not get a contract. “‘The most serious negotiations I have are with Kladno. Because Kladno has a smart owner who knows what he wants,’ joked Jagr, who owns the team in Czech Republic's second-tier professional league.” [SB Nation]