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Morning Flurries: Where will Will Butcher land?

Mike Ricci

Colorado Avalanche

It was close to happening back in May, what if the Colorado Avalanche had hired Kyle Dubas to run hockey operations? [MHH]

Chicago BlackhawksWill Butcher watch in full swing. It’s going to be very interesting to see where he ends up. [Black Hawk Up]

As our Top-25 Under-25 heads towards the meat if the list, big bad Sven comes in at #8. [MHH]

The Rest of the Game

NHL opposes Texas ‘bathroom bill,’ but stronger stance may be needed. [Sportsnet]

Jeremy Roenick proves once again that he cant help but make himself look foolish. [Yahoo]

Jagr surprised by lack of NHL interest. Yes, he’s gotten older... but he can still be a serviceable player. One with a whole lot of experience to share. [TSN]

Phil Kessel eats hot dogs out of Stanley Cup. [Pensburgh]

Foligno leads NHL vs. Docs event to benefit NEO Kids in Sudbury, Ontario. The event has raised over $175,000 to date in support of treatment and health care needs for children. This event holds a special place in Foglino’s heart because his daughter was born with a congenital heart disease. [Columbus Blue Jackets]