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Morning Flurries: Butcher inks deals with Devils

Colorado Avalanche v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Colorado Avalanche

Ty Lewis is an intriguing addition to Avalanche rookie camp. [MHH]

Another “is this the Matt Duchene trade thread?”, insider suggests Duchene trade talks heating up again. [PredLines]

Will Butcher surprises no one by not inking a deal with the Colorado Avalanche, he has signed a two-year deal with the New Jersey Devils. [Last Word on Hockey]

Matt Hendricks, a former player for the Colorado Avalanche, is going to be wearing the Jets logo next year. He signed on to play for Winnipeg for one year. Hendricks will bring leadership, and some penalty kill help to the Jets. [Winnipeg Sun]

The Rest of the Game

Maple Leafs sign Connor Brown to 3-year extension. [CBC]

Is being a free agent this NHL season a blessing or curse because of the 2018 Olympics. Will some recently retired players play in their last Olympic games? [Pucks and Recreation]

Terry Sawchuk’s son and grandson pay tribute with tattoo of mask. [Sportsnet]


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