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It looks like Tyson Jost had some fun at the NHL Rookie Showcase

The Avalanche forward was front and center among some of the league’s top young players.

Tyson Jost at the NHL Rookie Showcase

Earlier this month, Tyson Jost was invited to the NHL Rookie Showcase to represent the Colorado Avalanche. Yesterday, Jost took part in a number of on and off-ice events at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (formerly Maple Leaf Gardens) in Toronto. The day included a lot of promotional work for Upper Deck, but it looks like Jost made the most of it, having a lot of fun with his peers - and topping it off with a first look at his own rookie card.

By all accounts, Jost was one of the most open and personable players in attendance - something that is very evident through the videos shared on social media yesterday.

Let’s hope he brings this kind of light-hearted openness to an Avs training camp that could definitely benefit from it.

It’s good to see a 19-year old able to enjoy and soak up every minute of being an NHL rookie before things get a lot more serious.

His first pack of fresh Upper Decks and Jost lucks out by getting his favourite player.

“That Card looks fast” - Tyson Jost upon seeing a Connor McDavid card

Looks like Josty and Brett Howden are best buds both on and off the ice.

By all accounts no one was as vocal on the ice as Jeremy Bracco, Jost was a close second

Jeremy Bracco and Tyson Jost mic’d up