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Weekend Brunch: Cale Makar of the Colorado Avalanche leading Canada from the back-end

We’re sorry, Matt Duchene, It’s not you, It’s us.

2017 NHL Draft - Round One
Cale Makar walks to the stage after being selected fourth overall by the Colorado Avalanche during the 2017 NHL Draft
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Avs

Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche seems to have finally hit his breaking point. What is Joe Sakic doing? @JeremyLambert88 has a few ideas. “In a recent interview, Duchene seemed resigned to the fact that he doesn’t know what the future holds. He talked about ‘training blind’ and being unable to envision himself playing with certain players because he doesn’t know where he’ll be playing next year. He didn’t outright say he was ‘divorced’ from the team, but he hinted at it.” [Mile High Hockey]

Flashback Friday: The Denver Spurs were the first team to bring a professional championship to the state of Colorado. “As you can see by their year-by-year record, the Spurs’ WHL years were marked by mediocrity except for one season – 1971-72.” [Mile High Hockey]

The Prospects

Top 25 Under 25: Anton Lindholm will be looking to build on his impressive first stint with the Colorado Avalanche. “Lindholm punches way above his weight, imposing a physical presence upon his opponents equal to defenders closer to [the] conventional size [for the league].” [Mile High Hockey]

Cale Makar with a huge goal for Canada at the World Junior Summer Showcase tournament:

This end-to-end goal by Predators prospect David Farrance for the USA was amazing!

The Game

Some cool, new goalie equipment was unveiled yesterday!

The Vancouver Canucks will be taking part in Vancouver’s Pride Parade. “[Alex] Gudbranson will join teammate Troy Stecher, mascot Finn, and an expected 30 staff members from the Canucks marching at the 39th annual Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday. []