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Introducing the Avs Money on the Board charity campaign

Mile High Hockey is proud to launch Avs MotB to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

Welcome to the Avalanche Money on the Board (#AvsMotB) Charity Campaign, where Avs Fans can come together to raise funds to help those who really need them.


What charity will the proceeds be going to? Mile High Hockey has opted to choose the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Here’s what you need to know about the charity:

In 1978, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation was formally established as a separate charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated solely to advancing the mission of Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Children's Colorado Foundation has three purposes:

To educate and engage with the community on the hospital’s behalf

To fundraise for the hospital

To steward funds raised for children and families who need Children's Colorado

At the Foundation, we believe all children should have the chance for a healthy future. We are committed to community engagement and facilitating philanthropic support on behalf of the children and families Children’s Colorado serves.


Simply pick a player/coach/team, pick an event (goals, wins, saves, you name it), and pick a donation amount per event.

At the end of the donation period (season, game, playoffs etc.), we'll tally everything up and see how much the donation adds up to! That means you can pledge five dollars for every Mikko Rantanen goal, or maybe a dollar for every penalty minute Matt Nieto takes! All the players and major statistical categories are listed, but you're also free to come up with a more creative pledge using the "Other..." option.

In order to promote the campaign and get the whole fan base involved, please also tweet your pledge to @AvsMotB on Twitter, and use the hashtag #AvsMotB.


Once the donation period comes to an end and you know how much your donation adds up to, you can visit the Children’s Hospital Colorado website to make your donation. Please complete the donation "Tribute - in honor" of Avs MotB so that the lovely people at the foundation can keep track of donations along the way. Screenshot your receipt and tweet it out with #AvsMotB to @AvsMotB!

If you have any questions, reach out at @AvsMotB on Twitter or e-mail