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Morning Flurries: Calgary Flames begin process of extorting city for arena money

Stanley Cup Finals: Lightning v Flames Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Good Morning Avalanche-land!

Yesterday the lil’ Avs lost their third straight game at the rookie tournament, and that’s not super, but remember - rookie tournaments are meaningless in the big picture.

Feel better? Excellent, let’s move on to other news, and other teams to laugh at.

The Calgary Flames have now begun the time honored tradition of threatening to move the team if they don’t get their new toys. The Saddledome is over 30 years old now, and they want an arena with all the new frills and acoustics and gadgets to play with - as well as a new football stadium next door for their CFL team - all for the benefit of the local citizens. And having better, more profitable concerts and traveling shows come to town on off nights is just a side effect don’t worry about that.

The roughly $1billion deal would come from - wait for it - the taxpayers! I mean Flames ownership would kick in $200million so that’s fair right? I’m sure they’d agree to a lease that gives 75% of the profits back to the city.....

However, the city isn’t super into this deal and the current mayor has said the public won’t pay for the billionaire's new play things.

Shockingly, just yesterday, Gary Bettman made a pitch to the city, and Ken King, president of the Flames, has said the deal is dead!

Is this a tactic designed to make Flames fans panic? Most likely, yes!

Seattle announced plans for a new arena hours before this news came out.

The Calgary elections are this fall, so this comes just in time for the incumbents to worry about getting re-elected by the simple choice of caving to rich peoples demands thrust upon them by the hockey fans of the city.

The Flames are checking off all of the things teams do to get what they want. The city of Calgary holds the upper hand though, and they need to remember that. Calgary is an amazing market the league won’t want to lose. If the current owners want to jump to Seattle, Kansas City, or Quebec and take the risk that those markets could match Calgary go ahead. Someone else will pay the expansion fee to put a new team in Calgary right away.

Stay strong Calgary. Remember, the net worth of the Flames ownership is over $5billion. They can pay for their own shit. They just don’t want to.

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That’s it for now, enjoy your day everyone.