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Will Matt Duchene report to training camp?

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As Colorado Avalanche training camp begins later today, the biggest question on the minds of Avs fans is whether or not Matt Duchene will report.

Speculation has persisted over the past few days that he would not be in Denver for the starting camp as he is waiting for the team to trade him. This speculation was fueled by the comments of his agent over the past few days.

Just yesterday Duchene’s agent Pat Brisson had no comment when asked whether or not he will be at camp. With speculation running rampant, all Duchene needs to say is “yes he’ll be at camp” to put out the fire. But he hasn’t.

This morning, however, it looks like there is a good sign that he will actually report with the rest of the veterans later today. BSNDevner is reporting that Duchene is in fact in Denver as of last night.

Until very recently, the 26-year old forward has been skating on his own in Toronto so the fact that he is in Denver points strongly to him honoring his contract and reporting to training camp.

Of course, this only brings up another question - how big a distraction will his presence be?