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Morning Flurries: What happened on day 1 of training camp?

Matt Duchene is NOT a happy camper

Day 1 of training camp is in the books and...well...not much happened. To simplify:

A wild Matt Duchene appeared! It was questionable as to whether the unhappy center would report to camp or not. I am not going to explain as to not beat a dead horse, but the point is, Duchene is here and ready to play ball. Maybe. As you can see, he WAS NOT happy about it.

“Duchene update: Plan is to attend camp, but sources say both sides remain committed to trade as best case and will continue to work on it.”

He has made it clear that he is not here for the organization. He reported to camp for the fans, for his teammates... and because he was contractually obligated. Instead of taking questions from the media, Duchene had this and only this to say:

In other, equally as disappointing news, Nikita Zadorov did not report to camp. Be aware, unlike his disgruntled teammate, he did not have to be there as he does not currently have a contract. I’m sure Joe Sakic and crew are working to get Big Z back into the fold but as of right now, Zadorov is probably out in the Canadian wilderness wrestling a bear or something.

Other than that, nothing of real interest happened other than a little ‘hard’ work.

Some rigorous physical testing:

First task of the season: reporting for medical exams with our UCHealth doctors.

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The guys took their NHL headshots:

Recorded a bunch of content that will be featured on the big screen at the Pepsi Center during games:

And just overall having a great time it seems:

...Except for Matt Duchene of course


The Avs will finally take the ice later today at Family Sports Center. Group 1 will skate at 8:45 AM while Group 2 skates afterward at 10:45 AM.

Around the League

The Avs are having trouble getting their RFA re-signed, but that’s not the case for other around the NHL. The Boston Bruins were able to sign their star winger David Pastrnak to a very good 6-year, $40m contract. [SToC)

Also, the Minnesota Wild were able to ink Marcus Foligno to a 4-year deal worth $11.5m. [Sportsnet]