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Matt Duchene looks miserable (and the internet went nuts over it)

Matt Duchene’s promo picture got leaked on Thursday... and the internet-at-large had a lot of fun with his perceived misery

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been the story of the summer; the Colorado Avalanche and star forward Matt Duchene are likely nearing the end of their storied relationship.

After being drafted by his childhood club with the third overall pick in 2009, Duchene went on to put up 418 points in 572 career games (and that’s just what he’s done so far).

Poor results for the club in the last few years, though, have left the Avalanche and general manager Joe Sakic scrambling for a solution to a lackluster roster and dismal season records.

While Duchene has always been tossed around as a potential trading piece, the reality of him on the trading block didn’t really hit its peak until this summer. Now, he’s all but certain to get moved - but management has been dragging its feet, waiting for a perfect deal (that may not exist) to land at their feet. Fans have been unhappy with it - but after seeing Duchene’s promo picture for this year, it’s clear that no one’s really as unhappy about it as the player himself.

Just take a look at that face.


The picture quickly went viral - because really, how could it not? It’s as hilarious as it is sad, and it really encapsulates how Duchene himself must feel.

Of course, a picture that iconic is too easy to have fun with:

Really. It’s every sad song you’ve ever heard, all rolled up into one “I’m not even going to try anymore” facial expression:

Things really escalated:

Like, REALLY quickly.

(Quick stick taps for the one above, btw, since it was unceremoniously stolen by the very person Manu tried to send it to in jest. Always give credit on original content, friends!)

Finally, I think we can all agree this is the best depiction of the situation in existence:

We’re so sorry, Matt.