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Colorado Select Present “Play Like A Girl”

Stand with the best girls hockey program in the West.

Scott Cattelino at

A few weeks ago for HERSday we highlighted the Colorado Select Girls Hockey Association.

“Colorado Select is the first and only all-girls’ hockey association in the state of Colorado. Their mission is to promote, support, and expand girls’ hockey in Colorado. They are known for servicing all levels of players – from beginners to elite level athletes.”

For girls in the West, Colorado Select has been a huge pipeline to furthering careers in competitive hockey. In the end, it is the only way many girls can have a shot at a college career.

However, now we want to highlight a new initiative that the program is starting.

In a partnership with Boost Hockey, the Colorado Select are presenting their newest campaign known as “Play Like A Girl.” 15% of each t-shirt that the girls sell will go into a fund “which will allow Colorado Select to help enable players in need to join our sport.”

The Colorado Selects say: “"Play Like A Girl" is a symbol of power and support for the growth of girls hockey everywhere, and to help ensure that girls everywhere receive all the amazing opportunities that our great game has to offer.”

There are two separate shirts that are available for purchase. A short sleeve one runs $30 and a long sleeve version costs $32.

You can purchase them here.

The Colorado Select is the only stand-alone all-girls hockey association in the state of Colorado. Now by buying one of these shirts you can stay with the organization as they continue to empower young female athletes and grow the game of women’s hockey.